2Layer Windshield SKin material.

We provide times the protection.


2 Layer system


Twice the protection for windshields.

Each layer of material last 5-12 months depending on maintenance and conditions. Windshield Skin 2 layer material will last twice a long and at a minimal additional cost. Bray's new 2 Layer Windshield Skin® System employs a 2 layer material Bray's 2-layer system makes all windshields safer and more convenient to use than ever. Because it sits right in front of you on your vehicle, it is made to the absolute highest quality and clarity than ever before. For example, the optical-grade scratch resistant hard coat is an incredible crystal clear 6h+ hardness. Bray's 2-layer system also lets you remove a worn, single layer within seconds - by simply grabbing the pull tab and pulling across the windshield. Now the damaged layer is removed and a completely new layer is exposed and ready for the road.



Product Specs:

2 Layers Material

2 mil + 2 mil = 4 mil (100 micron)

6h Super Hard Coat

99% UV Blocking

85% VLT

Optical HD Clarity

No Glare

Low Tack Adhesive



Standard vehicles $299

High-line vehicles $499

Exotic vehicles $699