Welcome to the Retail Store Program


Bray is proud to offer our Retail Sales program to all independent and franchise retailers.  It's an excellent revenue generating opportunity that requires no investment, no special installation training and no additional inventory costs!


Standard    $299.00msrp
High Line   $499.00msrp
Exotic        $699.00msrp
Bus/RV       $799.00msrp

Standard     $499.00msrp
High Line    $699.00msrp
Exotic         $1099.00msrp
Bus/RV       $1199.00msrp


Install pricing

QTY 1    $220 installed
QTY 2-5   $205 installed
QTY 6 +     $190 installed
Pricing is per visit/invoice

QTY 1    $345 installed
QTY 2-5   $320 installed
QTY 6 +     $300 installed
Pricing is per visit/invoice



How long will each layer last?

Even though the materiel comes with a 5 year product warranty the material its self will ware and scratch long before this. Windshield protection materiel will scratch between 4 to 8 month depending upon condition and maintenance. This life expectancy is due to normal ware of the product. 


Why is 2 layer Windshield Skin a better deal?

1) Windshield Skin is 2 layer material

2) Customer gets a 18 month warranty for scratching

3) Customer gets a total of 4 layers of material

The customer receives a program that will last 3 time longer than 1 layer material


Does your 18 Month warranty cover labor?  If so how does that work?

It is a product (material) warranty only for 2 layer material
Bray also offers a 3 and 5 year warranty upgrade


What liabilities should I be concerned about or any additional unforeseen cost should I be aware of?

General not fallowing the program
Not registering the warranty with in 30 day of installation



POS Display Options

- Counter top display {free}

- Poster display {free}

- 50 pack flyer {free}

- Stand alone Display {$299}

the 1-2-3 of the program

1) Set up displays

2) Train staff and sale protection

3) Call installer to install Bray