Stackable Layer System




Stack Multiple 2 LAYER MATERIAL



Bray Race Skin® 2-4-6 stackable system is a unique 2mil+2Mil stackable material clearest race product that comes with the highest durable hard coat in the automotive race industry. Optional hydrophobic treatment is available apon request.    The new 6h multi-layer Race Skin® lasts up to 9 times longer than previous race protection. From the seasons first green light to the seasons last checkered flag, your team can focus on winning with a clear view of the finish line.




3D Thermal Formed Kit Vehicle Specific kits

Bray Super Hydro Maintenance kit


6H multi-layer Raceskin.

The next generation of windshield protection. 
With the latest 6h hard coat technology. Bray takes scratch resistant durability over the top. With a scratch resistant BaseSkin, including the 6h hard coat and easy pull away TopSkins, it performs at a level never before reached. 


Ready to race.

Bray's proprietary easy pull away system is faster than ever. 
Everything you need happens in a flash. 

Race Skin® is even designed to repel water just as fast, 
thanks to Bray's third-generation hard coat.