We are committed to providing products that are safe and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations established for the protection of consumers. More specifically, Bray is committed to the following actions:

• Integrating generally accepted product safety principles in product design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales services;
• Practicing state-of-the-art methodologies related to product safety evaluation;
• Providing clear and accurate product safety information to our customers;
• Undertaking appropriate and timely investigations and corrective actions, when necessary, in response to product safety concerns.

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Bray material

Product brochure to insure correct product usage

Improper choose of materiel can result in premature wear. The the proper material intended for the windshield is determined by the vehicle's use.

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Bray Product Care

Care and Maintenance brochure to insure longest life

Improper care and maintenance will result in premature wear. Bray provides its dealers with the necessary support materiel for the consumer education.

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Bray Education

Using education material is the key to the product life

Bray provides many education tools for the dealer to use to education the end-user on the proper care and maintenance, but if the dealer doesn’t use and stress the importance of proper care and maintenance the customer will damage the material prematurely.