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Owning a business is hard work. But if you’ve got the passion and a drive to succeed, we’ve got the highest quality products and support network to help you realize your dreams. Bray products open doors to new markets and opportunities. Bray allows you to expand your business at a pace that suits you, and in a direction that excites you.


The Bray Network

The Bray Dealer Network has operations expanding around the globe. With so many applications for Bray products and services, Dealer's have the freedom to create the business that’s right for them across a wide range of industries and markets.

Why Choose Bray?

Bray, one of the worlds top windshield protection companies, has a proven business model for the aftermarket and countless numbers of other industries. Our dealers offer the highest quality protection on the market, exclusive No-Scratch warranty, and state of the art multi-layer windshield protection for virtually unlimited applications.


Bray is proud of our world-class products and services. If you’ve got the ambition, we’ve got the expertise. As part of the Bray team, you’ll have access to experienced advisors and technicians to guide you and help keep your business on track. We supply all dealers with complete operational training and support as well as full technical support.



With multiple revenue streams to choose from,

you can mix and match what works for you:


Windshield protection

Bray has a reputation for being the highest quality among windshield protection companies. Our non-stop drive for product innovation, proven application system, and unmatched technical support set us apart from the competition. Recently Bray introduced Windshield Skin® 4 layer, the highest quality clear PET with 6H+ hard coat technology - our toughest windshield protection to date.  Bray coatings can offer abrasion, impact, chemical resistance, UV stability, hydrophobic, and multi-layer options. Additionally, all Bray windshield protection lines carry our standard manufacturing warranty supported by our global network.



If you drive a vehicle and look through a windshield, you're a potential Bray windshield protection customer. Bray is proud to offer the world's only complete product line of high quality windshield protection available exclusively to our dealers.

Bray dealers also have access to our top selling Windshield Skin® Plus programs. Combining high-quality products and the factory backed No-Scratch warranty replacement - the only one of its kind - your customer can rest assure that they are protected for years to come. This program, with the trusted reputation of the Bray brand, is a win-win for customers and dealers owners.


As the world's largest windshield protection manufacturer, Bray has specialized programs for many automotive industries. With our full windshield protection product line, Bray can offer exterior windshield protection and side glass protection on vehicles used in government, military,  shipping fleets, company fleets, new car dealerships, motorsport divisions, recreation, mining, heavy equipment, and many more.





Bray has a reputation for durability and long-lasting protection that extends far past our competitors' life span. Bray's windshield protection products are used in the production of the world's most famous Italian exotic car manufacturers and protects the delivery of the buses manufactured in the USA. Our team travels the world making sure that all of our dealers and clients are serviced with the knowledge Bray has become famous for.

Our windshield protection products have many different programs but all offer UV stability as well as abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance. And with Bray's custom multi-layer options, Bray products appeal to a wide range of industries and businesses. Adaptable and resilient, Bray windshield protection is environmentally friendly and exhibit outstanding physical properties.

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