ASWF Distributing Bray 1 Layer Material

ASWF distributing Bray 1-layer material

Elk Grove, California.—February 11, 2016
Bray Group, the world’s leader in windshield protection, announced today that it has reached an agreement with Erickson Corporation (ASWF) regarding distribution of Bray’s 1-layer windshield protection product.

Bray 1-layer windshield protection material is now available through ASWF distributor channels. Bray’s recently released 2-layer material is still exclusively sold only through Bray Group International. For more information regarding Bray 1-layer and 2-layer material contact Bray directly at:, or call 916.913.0051. To view more information, visit:

Advancing the traditional 1-layer windshield protection, Bray utilizes its' hard coat technology to increase product life, while at the same time, providing a cost-effective windshield protection system. Bray's 1-layer system is a viable entry point into windshield protection.

About Bray Group
Trusted by the factories at Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, New Flyer, Gillig and many other automotive giants, our best-in-class windshield protection material has made our name synonymous with performance and durability for a decade. From technical expertise and competent workmanship, to service that earns your business every day, we take great pride in the unrivaled quality of our material and our long-term relationships. Our passion for excellence and sustainability means you’ll always have a product and a partner you can trust.