Bray Countersues Clearplex - Seeks Declaration of Patent Invalidity

Bray Countersues Clearplex Seeks Declaration of Patent Invalidity
Declaration of Patent Invalidity/Correction of Failure to Name Proper Inventors
Sacramento, California - December 16, 2014 

Bray Group, the innovator of high-performance laminate manufacturing based in California, has filed its answer and counterclaims in U.S. federal court against Utah company ClearPlex Corporation.

Bray's answer firmly denies the allegations stated by ClearPlex Corporation in its earlier-filed Complaint.  While ClearPlex has alleged a variety of claims, Bray is confident that these allegations will be dismissed and looks forward to its day in court. Though the facts are far from complete, Bray is very serious about enforcing its rights in its intellectual property. Bray will not tolerate attempts to diminish its place in the market, and will expend the necessary time, money, and resources in its legal action against ClearPlex to protect its rights.  

Despite all of these distractions, Bray will be announcing further details of the innovative Bray Multi-Layer Windshield Skin System in the coming months and will continue to offer an exciting line of the world's most advanced windshield laminate products.

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