Eco Skin 60" x 100'

Eco Skin 60" x 100'


Advancing the traditional 1 layer windshield protection, the Bray Eco Skin® utilizes its hard coat technology to increase product life, while also providing a cost effective windshield protection system. Bray's 1 layer system is a viable entry point into windshield protection.

•    5 to 12 month life expectancy
•    Originated from first windshield protection product that was developed back in 2006
•    Optically clear and metal free to provide zero interference with today's high tech windshield systems
•    The balance between cost and quality.  Advanced technology is standard.

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Roll Size

60" x 100'

Construction & Thickness

1 Layer System  
4mil clear    Total thickness 4mil - (100 micron) 

Hard Coat

Super 6h +

Proprietary exterior construction: 
Bray 1 Layer hard coat increase product life while at the same time providing a cost effective windshield protecti


Easy pull away
Proprietary construction: 
Collaborative teams refined the multi-layer adhesive formulas’ compatibility and concentration elements to achieve a thin adhesive that was strong enough to hold, but also remove without damaging underlying material.