2 Layer Windshield Skin (48" x 50')

2 Layer Windshield Skin (48" x 50')


The durability and flexibility of Bray WindshieldSkin® unlocks possibilities that will change the way you protect your vehicle. 

Each model features an incredible proprietary hard coat and a construction for stunning life performance, HD clarity, 4-mil impact protection

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Roll Size

60" x 50'

Construction & Thickness

2 Layer System

2mil clear + 2mil clear Total thickness 4mil - (100 micron)

Hard Coat

Super 6h + hard coat on both layers

Proprietary exterior construction: 
Bray scientist’s tweaked over 25 different hard coat formulas over the course of eight months before landing on a winning chemical balance that offered 100% clarity and a 6h durable scratch resistant finish.


Easy pull away

Proprietary construction: 
Collaborative teams refined the multi-layer adhesive formulas’ compatibility and concentration elements to achieve a thin adhesive that was strong enough to hold, but also remove without damaging underlying material.

Replacement Warranty

Included with product registration:
- 18 month Free no-scratch replacement warranty

 Optional: 3 year no-scratch replacement upgrade

Product developer’s pursued extensive in-house testing to determine the film’s durability using world-renowned research facilities, industry standards, yet proprietary weathering systems, and gravel-o-meter impact tests under ASTM-D3170.