Don’t be fooled… Windshield protection is more than just 1 type of materiel, some special wax or wiper replacement.


1 - Choose your material

We’ve got many materials to choose from: 1-layer, 2-layer, 2-layer plus, and 4-layer options. Pick material that best fits your needs. Even no-scratch material.

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2 - Drive with confidence!

Now drive your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind.

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3 - Perform correct maintenance.

Now just perform the correct maintenance on your material as the care package suggests. Your authorised dealer will have care and maintenance paper work for you.


4 - Remove material.

Remove material when the product's life has expired. This depends upon environmental conditions and the quality of maintenance. Typical life expectancy is 6 to 12 months per product layer. Bray is the worlds only windshield protection manufacture that manufactures 1, 2, 3, and 4 layer material.



The full line

Picking the
Right Material

Pick the material for your vehicle. Either way, you get a great windshield protection for an affordable price. See the full Bray product line.

1- How much do you drive your vehicle?

Do you drive your vehicle every day, or do you only drive your vehicle on the weekends?

2 - How often do you wash your vehicle?

Do you wash your vehicle every week, or do you wash your vehicle every month? Maybe you never wash?

3 - How do you wash your vehicle?

Do you hand wash your vehicle, or do you take it to a car wash? Do you power wash your windshield?

4 - How long are you looking to protect you windshield?

Are you looking for a short term solution, or are you looking for 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year solutions?