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Questions to ask your supplier, don't get fooled.

  1. How long will the material last?

  2. Does the product warranty cover wear and scratches to the material? (Scratch warranty)

  3. What happens when the material wears and scratches before warranty time is up? Do you fix it for free?



Dealer Section


Factory Training Programs

With over 25 years of training thousands of dealers and installers all around the world, Bray has developed a complete system for its windshield protection material along with an unprecedented support system.

Bray is fully committed to the quality and experience of our exclusive line of products and to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and new automotive dealerships. This is why we take great measures to make ensure that we support our team.

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Dealer Support Materiel

Bray is proud of our world-class products and services. If you’ve got the ambition, we’ve got the expertise. As part of the Bray team, you’ll have access to experienced advisors and technicians to guide you and help keep your business on track. We supply all dealers with complete operational training and support as well as full technical support.



Bray 3D kits

We specialize in medium to high volume, complex shaped windshields. Our top-notch tooling is highly competitive and provides rapid-turnaround, which ensures that your product gets to market faster, on time, and on budget.

Our team of qualified designers can help you create a product for anything from complex bus or super car windshields, to a retail aftermarket product that adds profit to your company, or even a simple temporary tear off for temporary use to protect form transportation damage.

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Sell Value not Price

What is the cost per layer of material?

When selling the Bray system you must inform the customer that they are buying a disposable protection. All windshield protection will wear and need replacement. The life span of Bray Windshield Protection will vary depending on the amount of use, and the type of care and maintenance given. Most customers look at the Eco Skin® and choose it simply because they think it is the cheapest product. In actuality, it is the most expensive product per layer.  Customers can get double the windshield protection product life by simply using Bray Windshield Skin® 2-layer, or if applicable, Bray Windshield Skin® Plus (which provides 4 layers, for 4 times the product life). Always make sure your customers purchase the correct material (based on the amount of layers) so you are offering the amount of product life they are looking for.

Sell value of layers windshield protection

Best value for your customer:
- Good value is Windshield Skin® 2 layer
- Best value is Windshield Skin Plus® 4 layers
- Customer gets 2 to 4 times the product life
- Customer only pays for 1 installation
- Happy customer; not upset after 5 months

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Product Sample Program

Product Sample Program

In regard to your request for sample material:

We provide our company folder that included 8”x11" sheet product samples at no cost. Bray installation sample program offers a one time order discounted price for 48”X60" sheets of the:

- Windshield Skin® $XXX per sheet + Shipping (one per customer - Not for resale - test use only)

- Eco Skin® $XXX per sheet + shipping (one per customer - Not for resale - test use only)

- Contact Bray for pricing of sample sheets

Please inform us if you would like to provide us with your shipping account number or for us to include shipping in the proforma.

Please note:
Bray material is not window tint nor paint protection, and is unlike any other material on the market. It does not install like any other product on the market and requires proper factory training and tools. Bray has developed a product installation process along with required tools for a correct product installation. Bray also provides a video training section via www.braygroup.com that can be used for its Eco Skin® dealer training.

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Fleet Protection Program

Prevent downtime due to cracked / broken windshield

If you stop at a scale station with a cracked or broken windshield, your trip will be delayed until the windshield is repaired or replaced.

•    Cost of windshield replacement.

•    Cost of delayed or late delivery charges at receiver.

•    Cost of dissatisfied receiver, including loss of customer or loss of route from freight broker.

•    Helps to keep fleets and drivers compliant with CSA 2010 regulations.

Improve your fleet management objectives

Cracked and broken windshields keep your vehicles and drivers off the road. Bray Windshield Skin® material will help you make sure that each day’s transportation requirements are completed safely and on time.

Offset that with the cost of putting Bray Windshield Skin® on your fleet windshields each year. Bray produces a film kit that is designed for your vehicle that can be easily installed on your fleet for a very reasonable cost, and a simple removal process for when the time comes for re-installation.

level options Custom Built for Fleet program

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Level 1

Eco Skin® 1 layer materiel

Commercial life 3-6 month

Level 2

Windshield Skin® 2 layer materiel

Commercial life 6-12 month

Level 3

Eco Skin 1 layer materiel & Windshield Skin® 2 layer materiel

Commercial life 1 year - 2 years



Motorsport Programs

6H Stackable Multi-Layer Raceskin

Bray Race Skin® 2-4-6 stackable system is a unique 2Mil+2Mil stackable material. This is clearest race product that comes with the highest durable hard coat in the automotive race industry. Optional hydrophobic treatment is available apron request. The new 6H multi-layer Race Skin® lasts up to 9 times longer than previous race protection. From the season's first green light to the season's last checkered flag, your team can focus on winning with a clear view of the finish line.

Bray's proprietary easy pull away system is faster than ever. Everything you need happens in a flash.

Race Skin® is even designed to repel water just as fast, thanks to Bray's third-generation hard coat.

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New Car Dealership Program

Why become a Bray AutoMaker Dealership?

Unparalleled value:
No other windshield protection system protects like Bray. Customers will love you for it!

New revenue potential:
Expand your services and your customer base by adding Bray Windshield Skin® System.

Complimentary to other services:
Bray windshield protection system can be used along with other services without replacing existing revenue streams.

Not just anyone can use or sell the Bray Windshield Skin® System. Dealers are selected based on selective criteria.

Sustainable business model:
Low costs, plus high profit margins, equal easy-to-attain revenue.

Higher margins:
With low overhead and short turnaround times, Bray puts money back in your pocket, as well as your customer’s.

Bray has your back with manufacturing guarantees and 24/7 support.

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