You build it. Bray protects it.


Bray Windshield Protection Coatings have virtually unlimited potential when it comes to applications for any business serious about protecting and prolonging the life of its products. Companies around the world requiring abrasion and impact-resistant windshield and side light coatings trust our high-performance PET coatings. For over 10 years, Bray has provided our manufacturing partners with enhanced windshield coatings aimed at improving operational efficiencies, increasing product durability, and boosting end-user satisfaction.

Bray Windshield Protection Coatings are environmentally friendly, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and provide solutions for businesses that are subject to industry-specific regulatory compliance and severe service environments.


Specialized Products

With years of proven success with the highest quality cars built in the world. Bray has been thermal forming since 1999 and manufacturing Windshield Skins® for Italian automotive manufacturers, protecting their windshields since 2009. Bray's Windshield Skin® has gone through rigorous testing by the automotive manufacturers for clarity, ease of installation, removal, and durability. Bray’s Windshield Skin® has now become a staple product for these manufacturers



- 3D Molded                    - Taylor Made
- 100% Coverage              - 360 Edge Seal
- Dry Install                    - No Lift or Blow Off
- 30 Second Install           - Clear for Driving

Protects From
- Acid Rain                     - Bird Dropping
- Bug Residue                  - Tree Sap


Transportation PROTECTION

- 3D Molded                          - 360 Edge Seal
- 100% Coverage                    - Taylor Made
- Wet Install                          - No Lift or Blow Off
- 5 Minute Install                    - 1 & 2 Piece Kits
- Easy Removial                      - Undetecable to Robot

Nearly invisible after installation.
Protects from chips and cracks.

With over 10 Windshield Protection products available, Bray can be used to protect, reinforce, and enhance.

Our most popular products are utilized by manufacturers around the world.