Competitors might call their material windshield protection

but it’s not Bray Windshield Skin®  



Questions to ask your Dealer, don't get fooled.

  1. How long will the material last?
  2. Does the product warranty cover wear and scratches to the material? (Scratch warranty)
  3. What happens when the material wears and scratches before warranty time is up? Do you fix it for free?


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Standard Product Warranty

Bray Group International warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing and only for the original vehicle they were installed on. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc. See warranty for full standard warranty coverage.

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Product Life Span

Windshield protection products are a disposable product and have a set life expectancy. Bray products come with the highest graded hard coat and give the longest life span per layer of material available. Bray offers many different types of material so make sure you pick the material that best fits your needs. The easiest method to extend your windshield protection layers' life is to follow and maintain the correct cleaning process. The wrong cleaning process can cause hard coat lift, increase scratching, increase wear and tear and heighten the risk of visual impairment.

    Average Product Life

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What To Expect

What you need to know about windshield protection

Windshield Skin’s® function is to protect the vehicle’s windshield from damage resulting from flying rocks, stone chips, and other road debris. It requires some basic care and maintenance in order for it to provide a long service life and protect your windshield.

It is only a factory installed windshield once, keep it that way. Only the factory windshield offers OE safety as well as resale value to your vehicle. This cannot be accomplished by a non factory windshield replacement done in your driveway. Keep in mind that damage prevention to windshield helps maintain vehicle safety and resale value.

What you need to know after your installation

Minor imperfections can occur and are acceptable as long as they do not cause visual impairment, in Zone 1. These minor imperfections do not affect the protection performance of the windshield protection. Please refer to installation guidelines (Bray Pre-Installation Sign-Off).

Cure Time is the amount of time necessary for application solution to completely dry and bond the material to the the windshield. Actual cure time will vary depending on climate and environmental conditions.

Bray is a disposable product and has a set life expectancy, typically 5 to 12 months per layer of protection, all dependent on driving and environmental conditions as well as care and maintenance practices.



Tip For Longer Life

The Do’s to maximize your product life

Take the easiest method to extend your windshield protection layers' life: follow and maintain the correct cleaning process. The wrong cleaning process can cause hard coat lift, increase scratching, increase wear and tear and heighten the risk of visual impairment.

- Only clean windshield protection with a wet cloth.
- Use a soft cloth or Bray synthetic cleaning pad.
- Use only soap and water when cleaning.

Use hydrophobic treatments to lessen the use of windshield wipers.


The Dont’s for your windshield protection

- DO NOT use power washers or high pressure water guns to wash the windshield as this will damage the material.
- DO NOT use sharp objects.
- DO NOT wash or clean vehicle for 72 hours after installation.
- DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or coarse materials.

Warranty does not cover scratch or damage arising from any usage of sharp objects or power washers on the windshield. Warranty only covers factory defects such as discoloration, peeling due to adhesive problems, and bubbling due to adhesive problems.



When & How To Remove

Keep your car looking newer longer with Bray

The first chip hurts the most. So prevent that pain and keep your windshield looking newer, longer with one of the highest quality, most durable windshield protection materials in the industry. As a scratch resistant, virtually invisible shield, Bray Windshield Skin® material shields your car from the damages of everyday driving.  Product wear is normal and can be a sign that product is due for replacement. Improper care can reduce the life of your windshield protection; be sure to routinely inspect and follow the proper care and maintenance procedures.

How to remove your windshield protection

If you see scratching or hard coat flaking during a visual inspection, this could indicate product wear. You can simply lift a corner of the material and remove with a slow pulling action using a 30 to 180 degree angle. Note: be sure to only remove one layer at a time, if applicable.

See Bray Instagram and Video secion for removal videos

If you like you can return to your dealer to remove a layer and/or have replacement layer applied.