re-invention of windshield protection.

Bray is a true safety product vastly different than any product you buy off the shelf. 
Don't be fooled by copycat products that are simply graffiti or safety film, it may look similar, but it's nothing like Bray. Bray Eco Skin® & Windshield Skin® has been developed and made for one purpose, windshield protection. It's a true technology development for windshield safety.

Bray Group has re-invented windshield protection. Bray developed a new patent-pending, 2-layer Windshield Skin® system that comes with a laminated BaseSkin and an ultra thin TopSkin which is designed to be replaced as needed. The BaseSkin remains on the vehicle and only the replaceable TopSkin has to be replaced for on-going maintenance. This eliminates the expensive replacement of the complete product.


Bray Eco Skin® providing a entry level windshield protection system. Bray's 1 layer system is a cost effective entry point into windshield protection. Optional Bray Ceramic Hard Coat treatment and Bray Super Hydro maintenance is available for purchase

New 2Layer Windshield Skin® System employs a 2 layer 6h hard-coat material along with a free 18 month No-Scratch Warranty program that provided a free 2layer material replacement, no question asked. Optional 3 & 5 year upgrades are available.

Bray Race Skin® 2-4-6 stackable system is a unique stackable material that comes with the highest durable hard coat in the automotive race industry. The new 6h multi-layer Race Skin® lasts up to 9 times longer than previous race protection





  • "Bray Windshield Skin® is 100% optically clear.  It is crystal clear, you will never know it is on there"  - Brett Webster
  • "They have obviously put the time into making this happen" - Mike Roads

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