The new chemical product extender includes Bray Ceramic Hard Coat treatment and Bray Super Hydro maintenance system to give extra life to any of the Bray's windshield protection material. As you go through the Bray 2016 product line and programs you will see this is now an absolute complete program from top to bottom.

Extender / Maintenance 

Bray Ceramic Hard Coat

Bray CeramicHard Coat is a permanent nanoceramic protective Windshield Skin coating installed immediately after the Windshield Skin installation. Its transparent structure protects the Windshield Skin from scratches, dirt, aging, weathering, road salt, rock chips, bugs, bird droppings and even acid rain. It offers excellent scratch, thermal, UV and chemical resistance. A Windshield Skin that has been sealed with CHC stays clean for a longer period of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. Bray also developed a unique formulation Bray Super Hyrdo maintenance that is able to be layered on top of Bray CHC which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder coating that will increase its durability.


Dealer application only


Bray Super Hydro

Bray Super Hydro Maintenance Coating was designed as a D-I-Y maintenance for Bray Ceramic Hard Coat. You can use ''Super Hyrdo'' to maintain Bray Ceramic Hard Coat to keep the super hydrophobic effeteness and also avoid any water spots. All you need to do is spray "Super Hyrdo" onto windshield after washing the vehicle.



Polymer concentration: 55%

Bonding time:  60sec @ 25°C (77°F)  to  2min @ 10°C (50°F)*

Curing time:  72 hours (layerable after 12 hours)**

Protection per coat:  ~2-3 months

Version information:  v1  l  optimised 2012

Top selling accessories for installers



This advanced formulation not only delivers amazing floating property, it also leave no contamination behind to give you the perfect finish to perform the best dry mold you have ever seen.


Bray Slip Appicator

The world best film slip solution designed by installer for installers. The first SLS slip solution that contains no ammonia, no corrosive components that is safe for your installs. With very high levels of polymer lubricants, low in SLS (sodium laureth sulphate foaming agents) gives the perfect blend of efficient slip that achieves the best clearest results without ghosting from foam.

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