New Flyer Excelsior

New Flyer Excelsior

from 699.00

New Flyer Excelsior

Excelsior Driver Part #PLBSXCEL-D

Excelsior Passanger Part #PLBSXCEL-P

Body Style - Transit

Description: Bray 3D kit are per-cut and per-molded to factory windshield specification. All kit may have a variance of a quarter inch.


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By purchasing additional coverage to the manufacturer’s various warranties you are further protecting your investment, your safety, and your financial peace of mind.

Returns: Returns will not be granted unless policy is followed.

Before starting installation, check for any warranty issues i.e. crack, discoloration, damage due to shipping etc. Returns must be in the same conditions it was received.  If product clear liner was removed or attempted to be installed return is void. Bray will not be held accountable for damage caused by the installer or incidents which may occur during installation.